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Jazz Pampling

Jazz Pampling Brow Workshops

Celebrity brow artist and renowned educator, Jazz Pampling is holding brow shaping workshops across the country, starting in Brisbane this Monday.

Dates are as follows:

Brisbane: Monday 22 July

Melbourne: Monday 19 August

Darwin: Monday 2 September

Sydney: Monday 23 September

Sunshine Coast: Monday 7 October

Perth: Monday 4 November

Hobart: Monday 2 December

The workshops run from 10am – 3pm and cost $200 per person

The class will detail how brows shape the face and how the right shape can complement a client’s features and create a more youthful appearance.

Jazz will demonstrate techniques for filling in and correcting misshapen brows and reveal methods for shaping brows quickly for bridal and backstage work. She will also teach students how to adapt brow shapes for different industries.

Students are encouraged to bring a model, in order to apply the techniques demonstrated.

To book your place, please email Jazz: