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Jazz Pampling

Master your arches for Spring/Summer 2014

So your furry fellas are starting to look a little last season, eh? I feel ya’, sister, I really do. For the most part of the year, my arches have been so boring and ungroomed, purely because I’ve been too lazy to do anything about their scraggly state.

Thankfully I’ve been sussing out seasonal forecasts for all that’s hot in the world of eyebrow trends, and also went the extra mile to hunt down renowned eyebrow artist (and certified beauty genius) Jazz Pampling to help deblah my own hedgerows and fill me in on which shape peeps should be channelling over their life span.

By Kristina Ioannou


TIP #1: Brow trends for the last few years have been all about bold and natural (think models like Bambi, Samantha Harris, and more recently Cara Delevingne). While we can’t all grow brows of this size, there is definitely something to be learnt from a more natural brow!

TIP #2: There is a common misconception that a high arch creates lifted youthful features, however, a high arch often highlights the very section of our brow bone, which drops as we get older. Cara Delevingne has a beautiful balance of soft to medium arch that complements her features. It is a great example of how you can add arch without ageing your features. This is a shape many women can aspire to, even if you don’t grow as much hair as Ms D.

TIP #3: Trends may come and go, however, once we tweeze our brows the hairs are gone and may not ever come back. So every time you wax, tweeze or thread a hair, it becomes harder for that hair to regrow. I work to ensure that my clients eyebrows suit them now and for the rest of their lives. I encourage all women to find a brow shape that suits their features and wear it with confidence.

TIP #4: I am yet to meet a client that doesn’t suit a wider brow. Remember the brow frames our face, so thinning it out only lessens its ability to frame and highlight our features.


Now onto what’s trending in the world of arches!

Estée Lauder Creative Make-Up Director, Tom Pecheux, predicts feminine yet boyish brows, and showcased the look at the Isabel Marant Fall 2013 Show.

“The focus is on the brows, which are effortless but controlled – full, with volume, almost masculine. Makeup on the face is very light, very sheer, like a veil, while the lips are simple, natural and nude.”

You heard him ladies, keep it natural yet groomed!