Jazz will spend an hour with you to discuss the history of your brow, what you would like, what can be done, and how to achieve the desired result. Demonstrating the ways in which your brow frames your face and how proper shaping can help you look younger, Jazz knows what the best shape will be for you, not just now but for the rest of your life. With a combination of waxing and tweezing, depending on what you prefer, Jazz will shape the brow and add other professional touches, like colour, if required. Jazz encourages her clients to bring in any brow pencils/powders they use, and she’ll take the time to show you the best ways to fill in your brow and maintain shape between visits.

  • Brow Shaping with Senior Artist Jazz
  • $122,00

    1 hour
  • One hour brow shaping session with Jazz. This hour is not only for shaping your brow, but ensuring you are shown all you need to know about your own brow. From tweezing to filling the brow with your choice of make up. Jazz will spend time speaking with you about your brows before shaping. The session includes colouring the brow if it is needed, Jazz will wax and tweeze, or just tweeze depending on your preference.
  • Mens facial grooming with Senior Artist Jazz
  • $122,00

    1 hour
  • Jazz will not only shape your brow, but also ensure that it looks completely natural. Jazz believes that if she has shaped your brow correctly no one would ever know you had anything done, instead it looks like you woke up looking amazing…. naturally! She can also remove any nose hair, ear hair and hair on the high point of the cheek bone, just under the eye.
  • Brow colour and Lash colour, $72 - 1/2 hour service, existing clients only
  • $72,00

    30 minutes
  • This half hour service is for existing clients only. This is for clients who would like a brow and lash colour. This service does not involve any hair removal.