Jazz Pampling

Arch Raisers: A guide to your best brow shape ever

How does one achieve the perfect brow shape? It’s the endless question on every beauty maven’s mind. Gone are the days of tweezing your arches away to barely more than a few well lined-up strands. Now, more and more people are coming around to the idea that less is not necessarily more when it comes to gorgeously groomed brows.It’s all about working with the natural shape to get the ultimate style (Cara Delevigne, we’re looking at you!). But with so many options (thick, thin, arched, straight) how do you know which brow is right for you?

I recently had an eyebrow shaping appointment with renowned arch expert Jasmine Pampling (FYT it was amazing and my brows still look fab!) and I used it as an opportunity to snag some insider information about how to create the most flattering brow shape for myself. Read on to find out all of the juicy tips I was able to walk away with.

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