Jazz Pampling

Let’s Talk About Brows

This week, I visit the brow expert Jazz Pampling at her Sydney studio – and boy did I learn a lot about my brows!

The brow trend has taken off within the past few years especially with the rise of power-brow stars such as actress Megan Fox and model Cara Delevingne. The process of sculpting brows is somewhat of a skilled art – the perfect pair of brows could make a world of difference to one’s face! This is something Jazz Pampling, a Sydney-based brow artist, knows all about.

This week, I visited Jazz at her Sydney studio to get the low-down on my brows and let her work her magic. She first sat me down and asked me questions to find out more about the history of my brows, what I did and didn’t like, what I’d had done before. Having worked with the industry’s best including make-up artist Rae Morris and an impressive client list including Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts and model Sam Harris, I knew I could trust Jazz with my brows!

Jazz tinted my brows and carefully shaped them before shading in with pencil. She also showed me how to style them at home to recreate the look.

Given my history with tweezers – ahem, over-tweezing anyone? – I may not have the perfect brows just yet, but with Jazz’s help it won’t be long!

If you’re a brow enthusiast like me, I recommend you book in a consultation with Jazz and get the brows you’ve always wanted.