Jazz Pampling

How To Shape Eyebrows

A great set of groomed brows are almost as good as a facelift! But the art of achieving the perfect arch lies in perfectly preened-not over-plucked eyebrows. We chat to Brow Guru Jazz Pampling who shares her expert tips on how to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape.

By Katie Martlew

Having just hosted two sold-out sessions at the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo, Aussie Brow Artist to the stars Jazz Pampling reveals her expert tips and tricks on how to get your brows in ship shape-both in the beauty salon and at home…

Expert Tips On How To Shape Eyebrows – With Jazz Pampling

RESCU: What should we take into consideration when having our eyebrows shaped?
Jazz Pampling: The most important point to remember is the more groomed your brow is, the more regularly you will need to have it shaped. Potentially if you don’t have a lot of time, a more natural brow will suit your schedule. The more you groom a brow, the more obvious it is when hair grows back, which can really annoy some people.

RESCU: Why should we enlist a professional to shape our eyebrows??
Jazz Pampling: I work with brows 10 – 15 times a day, and when I am not shaping brows for my clients, I am assessing the eyebrow shape of every person I meet and every celebrity I see. A good brow artist will work at creating the best eyebrow shape for you. I have an hour to shape for a client, not because I want to thin out the brow, because I want to ensure I am giving them the best shape, and also showing them how to look after their own brow. Most beauticians are not given this time.

RESCU: What are your tips for women who prefer to shape their brows at home??
Jazz Pampling: Mostly when women shape at home they tend to get a bit too pluck happy. I always teach my clients to just take the lower hairs, so you’re not changing your shape. The moment you um or ah about taking a hair, don’t take it, you probably need it and that’s why you’re not sure. Step back have a look at where the hair sits in the overall picture, you most likely can’t even see it.

RESCU: Last year it was all about the Bushy-Bambi Brow, where do you think the brow trend is heading in the future??
Jazz Pampling: What I love about all trends these days, is that we still have room to create our own style. Big brows are still in, however not all of us can wear a big brow, and some of us are flat out just trying to re grow what the 90’s took. I think women though are slowly becoming more aware of their brow shape. Long term I hope there will be a greater understanding of brow shape and how not to over pluck and over wax.

RESCU: What are your tips for keeping eyebrows groomed in between salon-visits?
Jazz Pampling:
 I keep it really simple for my clients:
1. Don’t ever touch your top lines at home
2. If you’re not sure, pencil in the correct shape with a brow pencil, then tweeze. Or just tweeze the really low hairs.
3. The moment you um or ah about taking a hair, don’t take it