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Amazing arches: How to match your eyebrows to your face shape

Eyebrows have the ability to complement and counteract your face shape and facial features, and because of this very reason, it pays to know which style suits you. In the great words of eyebrow artist Jazz Pampling, brows should frame your face, not be the prominent feature. If your brows enter a room before you do, they may be too much.
On that note, here’s how to get the perfect set of arches for your features, with thanks to Jazz’s expert advice.
If you are someone with a more narrow or long face, so generally oval and rectangular face shapes, you want a low arch and in some cases you can even wear a straight eyebrow. This is so you create more width through the face rather than accentuating the length, so in this way you are counteracting your face shape. TIP: A brow that is too thin will stop framing your features. If you have large features such as a big nose or big lips, having a wider fuller brow can bring these features into balance.

Diamond face shapes and heart face shapes need small to medium arches as a low arch over accentuates a prominent cheek bone or forehead area. TIP: More often than not a high arch over accentuates the brow bone and can age the eye area, as it highlights the little muscle that drops down as we age. The theory that it can create an up line and acts as a free face-lift is simply not the case.
With round and square face shapes, you don’t want the arch too high as this can accentuate a wide jaw and make the lower half of the face appear heavy, and a straight brow will do the same. So a medium arch can help counteract the width while also helping to complement the jawbone and not draw too much attention to it. TIP: If the brow feels like it is closing your eye up, have a look at which angle you tail is on. Often the brow itself is not encroaching on the eye, but rather the tail is closing the eye up and pulling down on it. Lifting the tail by removing some hair can help with this.