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Things you need to know before you get your brows done

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Here’s what to expect from your first brow appointment

A few years ago it was pretty much the norm to pop into your local beautician or nail salon to do a quick brow clean up. But since the boom of the big, bold brow, grooming, shaping, and maintaining eyebrows has become more of an art form, and so there’s been a huge rise in the number of brow artists and specialists – professionals trained to give you the best brows of your life.

The slight downside of this is that you may be forking over a bit more cash when tending to your eyebrows, but the benefits of going to a brow professional who does much more than a quick wax to remove rogue hairs far outweighs the marginal investment.

So if you’ve decided it’s time to take the leap and see a professional to wax, tweeze, tint, and groom your brows (good decision, by the way), there are a few things you need to know before your first appointment. We spoke to Jazz Pampling, Australian brow artist and the hands behind the beautiful eyebrows of Sam Harris, Naomi Watts and Paula Abdul, to get her top tips on how you should prep.

#1 / Have an idea of the style of brow you’d like to achieve

While there are plenty of brow professionals out there, each has a different style. Some may help you achieve a more natural finish, while others can help you create a more striking look, so it’s a good idea to do some research before you book your appointment.

“When finding the right artist for you, look at their websites to see the style of brow they like and if this is a style you are after,” says Pampling.

She also recommends bringing in any celebrity brow inspiration you may have. “Any images are helpful. Sometimes women bring me images and none of the brows look the same, however there is always a common point with each brow and it’s my job as an artist to see what it is that attracts you to each image. Always remember though, your brow shape depends on what Mother Nature gave you.”

#2 / There are different ways to get your brows shaped

Different artists may have different go-to methods for giving your brows their optimal shape – whether that’s waxing, tweezing or threading. When going in for your first appointment, Pampling recommends “that you always let your artist know if you have reactive skin so they can decide the best hair removal system for you.”

#3 / Book a longer appointment for your first time

Much like Pampling does, your brow artist may like to spend some time at the beginning of your appointment to get to know your brow history (like that serious over-plucking addiction in the 90s) and goals. Having extra time will also ensure your brows get the attention they deserve.

Another bonus of extra time? Getting a lesson in between-appointment maintenance.

“Once I shape the brow I always teach my clients how to tweeze their eyebrows at home and how to fill them in with makeup,” says Pampling. So don’t be afraid to ask about the best ways to care and style for your brows!

#4 / Don’t touch your brows for as long as possible pre-appointment

To give your brow artist as much to work with as possible, leave your brow hairs alone for as long as possible.

“The more hair I have to work with the better. However this can be a bit much for some people, so at least four weeks can be a good amount of time before visiting a brow artist,” suggests Pampling. She also recommends trying a brow growth serum or hair, skin and nail supplement to help speed up the process.

“I always say to leave the serum or supplement near your toothbrush so you don’t forget to use it.”

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#5 / Tell your brow artist if you’ve recently had a facial

“Always let your brow artist know if you have changed your skin care or had any facials in recent days. Even if they use the most gentle wax or thread the brow, any change in your skin care can affect the service. There is a risk of skin being taken off if you have used retinol or vitamin A or had a facial in the last seven days,” recommends Pampling.

#6 / Don’t expect a complete overhaul after one visit

Yes, a brow professional can transform your brows, but depending on your starting point and what you want to achieve, it may take some time to see progress so be patient.

“If you have a brow that needs growing out, sometimes you may see very little change, as you may be waiting for hair to grow out,” says Pampling. Have faith that your brow artist has listened to you and will get you to your goal brows.

On the flipside, if you’ve never or barely touched your brows, you can expect to see stellar results immediately.

#7 / Know that you don’t have to go back every few weeks

It may seem like you’re committing yourself to a monthly expense, but asking your brow artist for some helpful maintenance tips can help stretch out the time between appointments, especially if you’re happy with a natural brow that doesn’t have clean, crisp lines (which may mean you’re in for more regular visits).

“I always aim to create a low maintenance brow that can stretch clients’ appointments to a bi-monthly appointment, and one tip I can give to maintain it is to not tweeze your top lines – the hair above the brow. Groom everywhere else. It gives you this brow that then looks awesome, but as if you woke up like that without even trying,” says Pampling.

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