Jazz Pampling

Jazz Pampling: How Timely Helped Me Be a Better Business Person

We sat down with Australian Brow Artist and long-time Timely user, Jazz Pampling, to talk about how Timely has changed the way she does business.

Jazz started her career as a freelance makeup artist. Working in the beauty industry wasn’t her original goal, it just kind of happened!

I ended up in the beauty industry completely by chance. I didn’t finish high school thinking, ‘Yes! Going into the beauty industry, can’t wait!’

Watch Jazz’s story above, or check out our full Q&A below:

How did you end up starting your own business?

I was working in the film industry as a student, we were creating our own films and we all realised that we needed a makeup artist. And I thought, ‘alright, off I go, I’ll go and study makeup’, and makeup led me to brows and brows led me to where I am today.

I never imagined owning my own business.

Much like coming into the world of brows by accident I kind of just started working for myself by accident and I’ve really enjoyed every part of the process. It’s been a learning curve, I love working as a brow artist and business is something I’ve had to learn over the years.

What were your original business goals?

I wanted more independence in my life so I went down the route of having my own business. I never set out intentionally to build a business, I just wanted to focus on this area and gain independence.

I didn’t have specific business goals but what I knew, and noticed was my phone calls, text messages were out of control! I worked every day and spent all night on my phone trying to organise appointments. Someone recommended I get an online booking system. I’m not technically inclined person, I didn’t know how this could help.

I tried a couple like MindBody and Kitomba, and didn’t like them at all! Most of them came with terrible customer service, were hard to use and really expensive!

I actually gave up looking, but then a year later I came across Timely, and it is so easy to use!

How has Timely helped you and your business?

When I found Timely, is was such a timely moment.

Timely is helping me run my business and therefore be a better business person. As someone who is creatively inclined and I just want to do eyebrows, Timely is helping me walk into the world of business with a lot more confidence that I wouldn’t of otherwise had.

The dashboard that Timely give you, is so easy to read. I’m so technically challenged so when I go into my dashboard I’ve got graphs and little circles and that sounds really basic, but for someone like myself, I need it to be basic.

I wanna go in, look at it, it’s got a figure and I’m like ‘yes, that is what’s happening in my business today, next week, next month’ and it’s so simple.

Because clients have access to my online booking system they go to my website, they book in, they never leave my website which is such a plus. I didn’t like clients having to be redirected to a whole new site, so they go in, they book in, they do it themselves.

And the need to make sure the clients book in before they walk out the door is gone, so I can connect with my clients and it’s not about ‘hey, when are you coming back in’.

Sometimes between clients if I have a little bit of time, which isn’t often, or on my days off away from the studio. I will go to my local cafe (where they know me far too well, they know my order, to a tee) and I’ll take my laptop and my phone and just sit and get work done.

It’s great that I can take Timely with me wherever I go.

Timely has given me more independence and time back into my own life. I sometimes ask the support team the simplest questions and they don’t mind. They come back to me saying ‘hey, yep, so simple here you go, this is easy to fix, if you have more questions please let us know’.

I cannot do these things on my own and Timely give me that and that is a big competitive advantage that they have I think.

Without Timely I wouldn’t have started to understand my client retention, rebooking rates, my income, my expenses. Just through those elements of Timely I’ve been able to learn about my business and start to understand how my business is behaving.

It’s been really important, and it’s been so simple for me to learn along the way.