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Jazz Pampling

Glossary of Brow Products

Because skinny brows are so ‘90s.

Picking your brow MO can be overwhelming. But because you’re reading TOMBOY we’re going to assume that like us, you’re into natural, (or natural-looking) brows à la; Freja, Daria, Cara and maybe Kendall. Of course, Celebrity Brow Artist, Jaz Pampling is on the same page.

The expert who earned her title tending to the brows of Naomi Watts and model Samantha Harris, gives us the lowdown on the products we need to define, tame, fill, tint, hold, brush, and grow (yep – there is something that works!) what some consider the most important facial feature. Pampling believes that armed with a little brow education and a sneaky appointment, everyone can have great brows.


The early naughties were an unfortunate time for eyebrows: thin and tidy reigned supreme and if you didn’t have an in-the-know mother that made sure the tweezers were hidden on the high-shelf or refused to take you for a wax, no matter the amount of begging you did, chances are you feel victim to skinny brow. While there’s no miracle cure for sparse brows, Pampling suggests investing in LiBrow. “It’s the only product I’ve seen deliver results,” she says. “Though I always tell my clients to be realistic with their expectations.”



For weekend wear or for added polish, clear gel  is great for keeping those cheeky little hairs that fall down and out of the line, under control. A hack if your sans funds the week before pay day? Hairspray on a brow spoolie. Your welcome.

Tailored Colour:

“I love coloured gels for making light brows look dark and dark brows look light, and for covering those pesky little grey hairs,” Pampling says. If off-duty is your style resume, it’s likely Boy Brow  will be your poison. Glossier doesn’t yet ship to Oz yet, BUT don’t let that stop you… Be a rebel and get yourself a totally necessary US mail box and forwarding service. 

Subtle Definition: 

Pencils give great definition and are super easy to apply anywhere, (in the rear-view mirror on the way to work, anyone?). If you want a more natural finish, Pampling suggests using an angled brow brush  post application, “To soften and blend the colour especially at the start of the brow”.

Prime, Hold, Fill:

Blame the PRs who didn’t send the individual powder and wax options for this all in one explanation, but this multi-tasker actually does just that. Read: primes, holds, and defines. “Many women use brow powder to define the brow without getting too heavy,” says Pampling. Wax in the two-step process actually comes first and will help the powders adhere to the skin and therefore stay longer. But Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi! Applying wax and powder with a heavy hand, can lead to a very unnatural finish.

Written by Chloe Brinklow

Photographed by Simon Taylor X TOMBOY Beauty