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Jazz Pampling is a Sydney-based eyebrow artist and educator who is re-defining the ways in which women shape their brows. Her client list is rapidly growing and includes Paula Abdul, Naomi Watts, Jessica Mauboy, Samantha Harris, Heather Maltman, Cassie Howarth and Network Ten's Natarsha Belling.

Australian fitness guru Hannah Saul and Top Model Samantha Harris

A regular at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for the past 5 years working as a brow and make-up artist, Jazz is regularly asked to speak at Beauty Expo's around Australia and New Zealand on her thoery of Brow Shaping.

After sitting in on a master class where renowned make-up artist Rae Morris demonstrated the importance of eyebrows Jazz knew she had to know more, and so decided to pursue and research how to achieve the perfect brow.

Jazz not only shapes brows, she teaches her clients about how their brows can frame their features and what the best shape is for them. She believes that everyone should be educated about their brow and also believes that the ideal shape should be natural yet defined, easy to look after, and complement a person's features. People often feel they need less make-up when they've had their brows done over any other type of beauty treatment.

The ideal behind Jazz's work is to educate women the world over and empower them to have confidence in their beauty without the need for synthetic-based makeovers.

Australian Beauty and talented singer / actor, Jessica Mauboy

"  Beauty is about confidence and I want to give everyone the confidence and know how to look after their own brow for their own features. I love natural beauty."


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For brow shaping enquiries or to book your spot in Jazz's next class email her below!
248 Riley st
Surry Hills
NSW 2010

Phone: 0423 73 11 59

You can contact Jazz at jazz@jazzpampling.com or via the form below.

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Browzing through history

Natural Brow

Master your arches for Spring/Summer 2014

So your furry fellas are starting to look a little last season, eh? I feel ya', sister, I really do. For the most part of the year, my arches have been so boring and ungroomed, purely because I've been too lazy to do anything about their scraggly state.

Thankfully I've been sussing out seasonal forecasts for all that's hot in the world of eyebrow trends, and also went the extra mile to hunt down renowned eyebrow artist (and certified beauty genius) Jazz Pampling to help deblah my own hedgerows and fill me in on which shape peeps should be channelling over their life span.

By Kristina Ioannou


TIP #1: Brow trends for the last few years have been all about bold and natural (think models like Bambi, Samantha Harris, and more recently Cara Delevingne). While we can’t all grow brows of this size, there is definitely something to be learnt from a more natural brow!

TIP #2: There is a common misconception that a high arch creates lifted youthful features, however, a high arch often highlights the very section of our brow bone, which drops as we get older. Cara Delevingne has a beautiful balance of soft to medium arch that complements her features. It is a great example of how you can add arch without ageing your features. This is a shape many women can aspire to, even if you don't grow as much hair as Ms D.

TIP #3: Trends may come and go, however, once we tweeze our brows the hairs are gone and may not ever come back. So every time you wax, tweeze or thread a hair, it becomes harder for that hair to regrow. I work to ensure that my clients eyebrows suit them now and for the rest of their lives. I encourage all women to find a brow shape that suits their features and wear it with confidence.

TIP #4: I am yet to meet a client that doesn’t suit a wider brow. Remember the brow frames our face, so thinning it out only lessens its ability to frame and highlight our features.


Now onto what's trending in the world of arches!

Estée Lauder Creative Make-Up Director, Tom Pecheux, predicts feminine yet boyish brows, and showcased the look at the Isabel Marant Fall 2013 Show.

"The focus is on the brows, which are effortless but controlled - full, with volume, almost masculine. Makeup on the face is very light, very sheer, like a veil, while the lips are simple, natural and nude."

You heard him ladies, keep it natural yet groomed!

Jazz Pampling Brow Workshops

Celebrity brow artist and renowned educator, Jazz Pampling is holding brow shaping workshops across the country, starting in Brisbane this Monday.

Dates are as follows:

Brisbane: Monday 22 July

Melbourne: Monday 19 August

Darwin: Monday 2 September

Sydney: Monday 23 September

Sunshine Coast: Monday 7 October

Perth: Monday 4 November

Hobart: Monday 2 December

The workshops run from 10am - 3pm and cost $200 per person

The class will detail how brows shape the face and how the right shape can complement a client's features and create a more youthful appearance.

Jazz will demonstrate techniques for filling in and correcting misshapen brows and reveal methods for shaping brows quickly for bridal and backstage work. She will also teach students how to adapt brow shapes for different industries.

Students are encouraged to bring a model, in order to apply the techniques demonstrated.

To book your place, please email Jazz: jazz@jazzpampling.com

How To Shape Eyebrows

A great set of groomed brows are almost as good as a facelift! But the art of achieving the perfect arch lies in perfectly preened-not over-plucked eyebrows. We chat to Brow Guru Jazz Pampling who shares her expert tips on how to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape.

By Katie Martlew

Having just hosted two sold-out sessions at the Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo, Aussie Brow Artist to the stars Jazz Pampling reveals her expert tips and tricks on how to get your brows in ship shape-both in the beauty salon and at home...

Expert Tips On How To Shape Eyebrows - With Jazz Pampling

RESCU: What should we take into consideration when having our eyebrows shaped?
Jazz Pampling: The most important point to remember is the more groomed your brow is, the more regularly you will need to have it shaped. Potentially if you don't have a lot of time, a more natural brow will suit your schedule. The more you groom a brow, the more obvious it is when hair grows back, which can really annoy some people.

RESCU: Why should we enlist a professional to shape our eyebrows??
Jazz Pampling: I work with brows 10 – 15 times a day, and when I am not shaping brows for my clients, I am assessing the eyebrow shape of every person I meet and every celebrity I see. A good brow artist will work at creating the best eyebrow shape for you. I have an hour to shape for a client, not because I want to thin out the brow, because I want to ensure I am giving them the best shape, and also showing them how to look after their own brow. Most beauticians are not given this time.

RESCU: What are your tips for women who prefer to shape their brows at home??
Jazz Pampling: Mostly when women shape at home they tend to get a bit too pluck happy. I always teach my clients to just take the lower hairs, so you're not changing your shape. The moment you um or ah about taking a hair, don't take it, you probably need it and that's why you're not sure. Step back have a look at where the hair sits in the overall picture, you most likely can't even see it.

RESCU: Last year it was all about the Bushy-Bambi Brow, where do you think the brow trend is heading in the future??
Jazz Pampling: What I love about all trends these days, is that we still have room to create our own style. Big brows are still in, however not all of us can wear a big brow, and some of us are flat out just trying to re grow what the 90's took. I think women though are slowly becoming more aware of their brow shape. Long term I hope there will be a greater understanding of brow shape and how not to over pluck and over wax.

RESCU: What are your tips for keeping eyebrows groomed in between salon-visits?
Jazz Pampling:
I keep it really simple for my clients:
1. Don't ever touch your top lines at home
2. If you're not sure, pencil in the correct shape with a brow pencil, then tweeze. Or just tweeze the really low hairs.
3. The moment you um or ah about taking a hair, don't take it

Professional Beauty: Arch Manipulator

Brow artist, Jazz Pampling has gained a respected reputation for her flawless, contemporary brow designs and amassed a loyal celebrity following and cutting-edge catwalk portfolio. At Salon Melbourne this year, her brow workshops were a sell out. Professional Beauty caught up with her.

Jazz’s passion for brows was ignited during makeup artist Rae Morris’ master class. Having worked as a freelance makeup artist for a few years, she had the basics under her belt but realised during Rae’s class just how important brows were to the overall look. “During those ten days of the master class, listening to Rae speak about brows, brows, and brows, I knew I needed to learn everything I could about the eyebrow!”

She completed a certificate in waxing and then worked with a company shaping brows. “At first I thought I would get bored shaping brows every day, but the opposite was true and now I cannot watch TV or open a magazine without assessing brow shape. Soon after becoming a freelance brow artist, I noticed most brow establishments offer a groomed, stylised eyebrow whereas as I prefer a more natural finish. I decided to work for myself and create a brow that compliments each individual.”

Jazz found it difficult to break into the fashion industry initially because of the reputation commonly associated with brow artists: that they over-wax and over-tweeze. “I had to show people I wouldn’t do that – I was not that girl! I started by shaping brows for top makeup artists’ assistants, who then went on to talk about my work to the people they knew and it snow-balled from there. Eventually I had done the brows of all the assistants who knew Rae Morris and fortunately, Rae asked me about my work one day and the rest is history!”

Jazz believes the key to success is the ability to listen to your client and assess and work accordingly to their face shape. “One must compliment the frame and highlight the features, rather than go over the top with a design or strip them practically bare! I don’t use a particular technique; it’s no different to any other artist, however my approach to the brow is simple: less is more!”

Each week brings something new and exciting for Jazz. “I have had so many highlights. First it was going to L’Oreal Fashion Week to assist Rae Morris; then bleaching brows at a David Jones season launch; then shaping brows for the television series: Underbelly Razor; and most recently teaching at Salon Melbourne” Jazz also looks after leading Australian model, Samantha Harris’s eyebrows, Natarsha Belling from Channel 10 and has also shaped actress, Naomi Watts’ brows.

Although she feels incredibly lucky to have had the opportunities and experiences she has, one thing constantly disappoints the brow artist. “The low point, for me, is seeing the damage done to a client’s brow through irresponsible waxing when it’s likely the hair won’t grow back. That person is then left with one alternative, which is to fill in the brow with makeup.”

Brow shape has changed every decade since the 20s say Jazz, and although big, natural brows are on-trend these days (particularly in the fashion industry) we’ve seen a number of trends along the way. “I don’t know how we went from the amazing shape seen on Audrey Hepburn to the over-waxed brows of the 90s! There is definitely greater awareness within the brow industry today on the importance of a more natural look. However, not everyone can wear a big brow, so it’s about finding what suits you best. There’s a noticeable difference in the brow trends between cultures and countries. I find Mediterranean women love their brows super-groomed with a high arch (think Kim Kardashian). However Australian women are 50/50 on groomed vs. natural brows. The fashion industry also loves beautiful natural brows.

“Currently, I think women are adopting the strong brow look, because it’s a bold, confident, sexy look. Wearing a strong brow is like wearing a bold red lip, you have to own it and wear it with confidence. It’s a statement because it becomes a key feature on your face and can subtly suggest to those around you that you are a confident, strong individual. Hence the need to own it, because it says more about you than you realise.”

Hannah Saul following Jazz's magic touch
Jazz’s aim is to create brow shape that compliments the face shape rather than contains the features. “Depending on the shape of one’s face, the brow should work as a counter-balance. For example, if someone has a round or square face, I don’t want to highlight that with a flat brow, I want to give them a brow with more lift, to help create length in their features. With an oval face I like to drop the arch, to create more width. Once again, this may not be the case for everyone. I truly believe you need to design a brow on an individual basis.” Jazz cites the example of models Miranda Kerr and Samantha Harris who both have similar round face shapes, “Sam needs more of an arch, while Miranda Kerr can wear a flatter brow. It is the same with the alignment of a brow; there is a general theory, however it changes in practice.”

Her advice to up-and-coming brow artists is to firstly never stop assessing brows. “I do it out of habit. Analyse the brows you see in the media and the people around you. Do you like what you see? Great! Why do you like what you see? If you don’t, then how would you change it for that person? Secondly never cheat a perfect brow with pencil. Let your client see their brow without make up, and then with. The number of clients I have spoken with who have seen an artist, gone home, taken their makeup off and realised they have a hundred holes in their brow! Help your client understand every aspect of their brow. People aren’t silly; they will know when you have put a gap in their brow.”

Her love of the beauty industry makes her perfectly suited to her role and suggests her future in this sector will be a very bright one. “What I love about the beauty industry is that one-on-one care for the individual. You develop a relationship with your clients and you take care of them. Sometimes women and men come to see me and it is the first chance they have had to sit and chill out all day!”

Jazz will be holding a workshop at Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo visit www.jazzpampling.com for further information.

Brow Beauty

Australian brow artist Jazz Pampling gives us the low-down on brow know-how

What is your definition of true beauty?
True beauty comes from within. Cliché though it may sound, who we are on the inside shows on the outside. Look after your insides, eat well, exercise, be positive and you will shine from the inside out.

What are you favourite beauty and brow products?
My favourite beauty product would firstly be a brow pencil, hands-down every time. I love the MAC pencils, which are fantastic. They are easy to use because the tips are small so they taper out really well; soft enough to apply but don't move too much throughout the day. The colour range suits most people too.
After that, I would say a good brown eyeliner and black mascara. Currently I am using Living Nature products. I find their eyeliners last all day and the product is eco-friendly, which makes me very happy. I find brown eyeliner a much softer finish on features, yet it still gives you definition. I also love using my lipstick as a blush. It blends in so well with the skin and most lipsticks have a hint of highlight through them.

Why did you decide to specialise in the field of brows?
I decided to learn more about brows after sitting in on a Rae Morris master class. She spoke about brows so much and I definitely noticed that few make-up artists and beauticians really understood brows, me included. So I went on a mission to know everything I could. I thought I would hate shaping brows, but the opposite has turned out to be true.

What's the secret to getting great looking brows?
For roost women, the secret to great brows is to stop grooming them. Leave them alone arid let them grow out. The 90s were not good to women. So many brows are over-waxed and badly shaped, therefore nine out of ten women need to let them grow out and start again. If you are determined to shape them yourself, I recommend pencilling in the shape that you want first. You are less likely to take off too much hair that way.

What is the current trend in terms of brow grooming and how have the trends and technology changed since you first started your career?
The current trends in brows differ from culture to culture. Currently western fashion trends are big, beautiful brows and this has been the case for some years: think model Samanatha Harris or Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. But you will definitely see a trend in some cultures for very groomed brows, like the Kardashians. Regardless of background, I love that so many people are now more aware of their brows.
Trends have not changed since I have been doing brows but trends change all the time. They have changed several times since the 1920s. I will never understand how we went from the beautiful shapes in Audrey Hepburn's time, to the over-waxed, super-thin brows of the 90s.
There are so many ways now to remove hair. I believe you should find what works for you. Waxing, tweezing and threading are all doing the same thing. Please don't laser your brows though, that's a scary thought!

What's the biggest mistake women make when it comes to brow beauty?
The most common mistake is definitely over-grooming. We are all guilty of overanalysing our features forever in a mirror. Those few cheeky hairs will be visible when you're an inch from the mirror. If we all take a step back we will see what others see, which is not much. So please ladies, put the tweezers down and step away from the mirror!

What's your pet make-up peeve?
Too much anything - too much blush, tan, foundation or crazy hair extensions. I love when people are creative and you see part of their personality with make-up.

What's your own personal make-up philosophy?
Keep it simple. I love 'natural' everything in life; from the food that I eat to the make-up that I use and the brows that I shape. Let your foundation even out your skin tone, but don't lose your freckles. Your brows should help frame your features, not be the feature, and use colours around your eyes that help your eye colour pop. I don't want to see make-up, I want loses you.

Who is your beauty icon?
It would be Audrey Hepburn for her elegance and Miranda Kerr for her approach to healthy living.

Whose brows would you most like to go to work on?
I would love to reshape Kaley Cuoco's brows from The Big Bang Theory. They are getting thinner and the arch is sometimes curved and sometimes straight. I would also like to shape the brows of Rihanna and Kristen Stewart.

Arch Raisers: A guide to your best brow shape ever

How does one achieve the perfect brow shape? It's the endless question on every beauty maven's mind. Gone are the days of tweezing your arches away to barely more than a few well lined-up strands. Now, more and more people are coming around to the idea that less is not necessarily more when it comes to gorgeously groomed brows.It's all about working with the natural shape to get the ultimate style (Cara Delevigne, we're looking at you!). But with so many options (thick, thin, arched, straight) how do you know which brow is right for you?

I recently had an eyebrow shaping appointment with renowned arch expert Jasmine Pampling (FYT it was amazing and my brows still look fab!) and I used it as an opportunity to snag some insider information about how to create the most flattering brow shape for myself. Read on to find out all of the juicy tips I was able to walk away with.

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Let's Talk About Brows

This week, I visit the brow expert Jazz Pampling at her Sydney studio - and boy did I learn a lot about my brows!

The brow trend has taken off within the past few years especially with the rise of power-brow stars such as actress Megan Fox and model Cara Delevingne. The process of sculpting brows is somewhat of a skilled art - the perfect pair of brows could make a world of difference to one's face! This is something Jazz Pampling, a Sydney-based brow artist, knows all about.

This week, I visited Jazz at her Sydney studio to get the low-down on my brows and let her work her magic. She first sat me down and asked me questions to find out more about the history of my brows, what I did and didn't like, what I'd had done before. Having worked with the industry's best including make-up artist Rae Morris and an impressive client list including Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts and model Sam Harris, I knew I could trust Jazz with my brows!

Jazz tinted my brows and carefully shaped them before shading in with pencil. She also showed me how to style them at home to recreate the look.

Given my history with tweezers - ahem, over-tweezing anyone? - I may not have the perfect brows just yet, but with Jazz's help it won't be long!

If you're a brow enthusiast like me, I recommend you book in a consultation with Jazz and get the brows you've always wanted.

Trish Nicol Agency Beauty Day

Trish Nicol Agency (TNA) beauty day collaborated experts in hair, skin, make-up and brows within elite Sydney salon space: Prema for a day of premium advice and application yesterday.

[...] Last but not least was a beauty entity capable of changing the entire face in an instant. Jazz Pampling is one of Sydney's finest brow artists and was available to chat face shape, universal angles and what not to do when attempting to shape at home. Jazz has a rich and recognised client list and works with each individual brow to grow and manicure for the ultimate face-frame. Did you know we all have one brow different to the other? In fact, according to Jazz, our entire left side is different to the right!

Read the full article


Jazz will spend an hour with you to discuss the history of your brow, what you would like, what can be done, and how to achieve the desired result. Demonstrating the ways in which your brow frames your face and how proper shaping can help you look younger, Jazz knows what the best shape will be for you, not just now but for the rest of your life. With a combination of waxing and tweezing, depending on what you prefer, Jazz will shape the brow and add other professional touches, like colour, if required. Jazz encourages her clients to bring in any brow pencils/powders they use, and she'll take the time to show you the best ways to fill in your brow and maintain shape between visits.


Jazz Pampling has been a guest speaker at Beauty Exhibitions around Australia and Internationally. Since 2012 she has presented classes on her individual approach to eyebrow shaping. Jazz wants you to learn to look beyond the brow and see the whole face, helping students to break out of the mould of creating stencilled brows by helping you to see the unique brow shape of every client who walks through your door.

Jazz is available to teach groups, salons and one on one. Please, if you would like further information on training.

Watch this space for updates on future classes or follow Jazz on Instagram and Facebook

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